An effective presentation is structured to leave the viewer feeling either inspired or informed. Crafting your message logically and simply allows your audience to keep up and take away key messages about the benefits of your brand and offerings.

Video can be a critical content marketing tactic. It is powerful storytelling that can offer unique, entertaining, informative experiences that resonate through its combination of sound, motion, and visuals. A video can be a standalone statement or designed as a serialised conversation that can unfold over time via a variety of content and social media platforms and is compatible on desktop, mobile, and tablet environments.

This presentation was designed for a series of cooking demonstrations and tastings to promote the concept of plant-based eating to consumers via website and social media. We wrote all copy and taglines and designed it to be informative and enticing with strong visuals that show the appeal of functional foods that don't compromise on taste and variety. 

This presentation showcases a plant-based food collection by a duo of producers, their products, and new packaging to trade buyers. Their ethos is to optimise well-being and enhance everyday living through functional foods and communicate the benefits of their range to consumers that are seeking reassurance that the food they buy is healthy and from a trusted source. The presentation needed to highlight each brand, its products and range in a concise and visually appealing format. We also wrote all copy and created mockup packaging images. For upload via email and link. 

An artisan chocolate maker wanted to reach out to new markets by presenting their products in innovative ways for weddings, events, and corporate clients. We designed a simple presentation with concise information to support the visuals that we storyboarded and styled at a photoshoot, highlighting different themes, presentation options and packaging choices.  

This simple animated graphics video is designed like a short story to appeal to children about a mini-mountain goat tour in the countryside. It had to be concise, visually strong, and full of novelty to capture the attention of young viewers, but with suffice information for adults. Designed for upload on website and social media.

This short image-led video was designed as a support marketing tool for a cooking demonstration and tastings presentation, promoting the concept of plant-based eating and recipes to consumers. Designed for upload on social media, it needed to be vibrant in colour and pace, with minimal information.